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WESS2021 Low Cost Metalic Redox Flow Battery

Revolutionary Design

 Wangtec Hydrogen Energy Inc. has come up with a revolutionary design to lower the cost of energy storage. The Wangtec Energy Storage System, WESS2021 stores electrical energy in its metallic catalyst. The duration it can store is dependent on the amount of catalyst stored which is independent of the maximum power it can produce. This means that the longer the storage requirement the cheaper the cost of storage will be.


The metallic redox system WSES2021 is revolutionary featuring the latest nafion zirconium membrane couple with a modular recharging system it can start with as low as 100kWh and scales up to as large as desired.


Reliable, Easy Storage Expansion

The WESS2021 operates reliably and is storage can easily be expanded by adding more catalyst. It is perfectly suitable for operation in a commercial building as well as an industrial set up as back up for mission critical power system as well as storage for intermittent renewable power system like wind, PV or even hydro system. Because the system utilizes the massively parallel concept, it provides reliability far exceeds the large single point storage system. It rarely needs maintenance for wear and tear. The membrane can last for years before they need to be replaced and only that because of efficiency deterioration rather than because of failure. The system is designed for plug and play so that faulty module needs only be replaced by a new one without having to shut down the plant. The WESS2021 features the state-of-the-art computerized control function that dynamically regulates its parameters to match consumption demand. These features ensure that the unit is operating at its optimum level of efficiency at all times.


Clean, safe, superior and efficient Back up storage

The WESS2021 is a very reliable back up system as it can serve as a generator when fed with clean biomass pellets/capsules which emits no harmful pollutants, for those prolong period of power outage. This is especially useful when use in conjunction with renewable power sources where it is not uncommon to have prolong period of power outage.


Ideal power storage choice for every need


Fast and Easy set up


The WESS2021 is ideal for residential, commercial as well as industrial uses. It could be safely used anywhere from homes to shops to high density areas like hotels, shopping centres, hospitals, factories, industrial complexes, etc.


Fast to set up, clean, safe, scalable, reliable and affordable to own and operates, the WESS2021 is the ideal green energy storage choice to store and produce green electricity for the future, anytime, and anywhere.

The WESS2021

Product Specifications

Energy Storage Capacity



Power Output



Nominal voltage






Mounting (WxDxH)

19” rack mount


Multi 19” rack mount

Operating ambient


5 to 45⁰C

5 to 45⁰C

Relative Humidity

5 to 90% non


5 to 90% non


Serial Interface



Note*lighter weight catalysts ( storage

elements) are available


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