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WCES2021 Wangtec Clean Energy System

Revolutionary Design


Electric Power Generation and Transportation Fuel are the two biggest CO2 producers. The Wangtec Clean Energy System WCES2021 produces zero carbon power and carbon neutral syncrude at the same time from any biomass. The technology developed is revolutionary, featuring the latest scalable, easy to add on PEM fuel cell stacks for power production and modular reactors for syncrude production. It can start with as low as 50kW of power and scales up to as large as desired. The smallest system that produces power and crude simultaneously starts from as low as 500KW and 25 barrels of syncrude/day. For embedded power production, the system can be separated to produce power and crude in two different locations.


Silent, continuous optimum operation

The WCES-2021 operates silently and continuously. It is generally quieter than the chilled water plant room and is perfectly suitable for operation in a commercial building as well as an industrial set up. Because the system utilizes the massively parallel concept within a micro grid, it provides reliability far exceeds the grid in some cases. It rarely needs maintenance for wear and tear. The membrane can last for years before they need to be replaced and only that because of efficiency deterioration rather than because of failure. The system is designed for plug and play so that faulty module needs only be replaced by a new one without having to shut down the plant.
The WCES-2021 features the state-of-the-art computerized control function that dynamically regulates power output to match consumption on demand. These features ensure that the unit is operating at optimum level of efficiency at all times.


Clean, safe, superior, and efficient production of Power

WCES2021 is very environmentally friendly as it runs on clean hydrogen fuel and emits no harmful pollutants. Its only output is pure water. Harvested from renewable energy sources such as vegetable oil, cassava powder, de fruit branch of palm oil, and husk and skin of fruits etc., hydrogen has superior long term cost efficiency than fossil fuels. Most conventional fossil fuel plant runs on 22~25 % efficiency and 30~35% on combined heat and power. In WCES2021, it boasts of efficiency of 50% and 95% for Combined heat and power. Ideal power choice for every need. The WCES2021 is ideal for residential, commercial as well as industrial uses. It could be safely used anywhere from homes to shops to high density areas like hotels, shopping centres, villages, hospitals, factories, industrial complexes, etc. Fast to set up, clean, safe, scalable, reliable and affordable to mown and operates the WCES2021 is the ideal electric energy choice for the future, anytime and anywhere.


Clean Fuel-Synthetic Crude

The WCES2021 produces syncrude besides power. This syn crude is purely paraffin wax, is sulphur free. and can be refined to become various petroleum products, diesel, gasoline and jet fuel. This syncrude is an integral part of the WCES2021 but may be operated at a different location from the power generation.


WCES2021Dual Streams Clean Energy System


The reactor for syncrude production is highly modular. The smallest reactor will produce as small a batch as 25 barrels a day. The use of micro channels enables synthetic crude to be produced in small batches efficiently

Clean reconstituted water


The WCES2021 is capable of producing 24,000 300ml cans of pure reconstituted water per MW per day. This water is ultra-pure as it is reconstituted from its elements H2 and O2.

The WCES2021

Product Specifications

50 kW System

250 kW System


30 to 80 kg



23” rack mount

Multi 23” rack mount

Rated Net Power

0 to 50 kW

0 to 250 kW

Rated Voltage

3 phase 415 VAC

3 phase 415 VAC

Rated Current

86 A rms

430 A rms

H2 Supply Pressure

0.24 to 0.4 Bar

0.24 to 0.4 Bar


0.7 m3/kW

0.7 m3/kW

Operating               Ambient Temperature

5 to 45   oC

5 to 45   oC

Relative Humidity

5 to 90% non-condensing

5 to 90% non-condensing



Plant room environment

Water Consumption

Max 30 ml/kWh

Max 30 ml/kWh


53 dBA @ 1m

Serial Interface




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